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What the Waves Teach 

Tiny cracks, tiny fractures in the sand.
Tracks: an arrow, pointing to the culprit.
Impermanence of pain felt by this land,
And with the tide comes memories forfeit.
Into the sunset one or two may go,
Leaving behind a stamp on the day fair,
Revisiting this day later to show,
There are none like it, no, none do compare.
This day and that, like beads on strings, endless.
Are they aware how fragile, made of glass
Are beads on the universes necklace?
Each day adds another that will not last.
Our days: numbered; grains of sand on the beach,
Beside times ocean, we must learn what the waves teach.

Holes in a Tapestry

The shaking out of broken glass
Tangled in the tapestry,
Making dangerous the grass
Needed by so many.
When the task is done, is it worth
The unnecessary holes created?
Or does this speak a different tone:
Of corruption unabated?
What’s left to hang can be repaired,
One wonders why it’s necessary.
When such glass could have been prepared
And removed appropriately.

Basically the state of things in the world today. Not calling people cows by using grass as a reference to a necessity of life, just making a point that those on the bottom of the food chain (the average person) feel, and often have to live with longer, the effects of the drastic measures taken by those in power when the tapestry (the world) is cleansed.