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Learning in the Dark


He must reach up to what he can’t below.
A solemn song the twilight will now sing.
Into dark depths, winding paths to follow.
What good there can the nighttime to him bring?
An age of waiting on the ocean floor,
Patience for questions that delay answers.
Inhabited by his greatest fears; more
Than a passing phobia or cancer.
One wonders if there’s breath under water,
He has been drifting down there for so long.
His arms, can he bring himself to bother?
Perhaps. He’ll soon find that his arms are strong.
In swimming towards the surface he will find,
Darkness and light, both, are repaid in kind.

A Dog Finds

I find a speck. Sniff.
What is this thing? I must know.
To know more, I lick.

Fades Like the Rest

The wandering of soul
When found in want of a home.
Who knows what this one did
To find the face so dimly hid.
Out of the shadows we soon won’t see,
Where the soul has ought to be.
And one more passing by a moment
What was here, the soul has shown it.
Its actions louder than words could express,
It falls into darkness, and fades like the rest.

The Pasts’ Path


For dancing in the sunlight, nothing I’ll acquire
And twirling in the rain slowly I’ll expire.
For failure after failure haunting me
And past the fog I’d often not care to see.
Though expired, I felt at home in the rain.
Though spent, I felt in daylight I found my gain.
But sitting in the sunny rain I find,
There’s nothing quite like this kind,
Of living and time passing.
In spite of this shadow I’m casting.
I’ll stand up and see the city past the lights
And with the past, Its path I must go down, I’ll not fight