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To Those Who Wait

To those who wait,
And those held under:
An unfair debate,
Hopes torn asunder.
Wait, at the end, a light.
But first, a path through dark.
Though there may be countless nights,
From the path I won’t depart.
Once there, such wonderous beauty
Introduces me to fate.
Glad that this has reminded me;
Good things come to those to wait.

When Man Has Gone


What now do crumbling walls see, should they have eyes,
What does nature abhor now there’s none left to despise?
Mother, as if in shame, desperately tries
To hide echos past with her climbing vines.
From creatures on the sea  floor wandering the silt,
To beasts resting in the towers that forgotten hands built.
What once was there, what once was man,
Has long since ceased to live in this ancient land,
In his delusions, for such an absence made no plans.
Being deceived, as such delusions of immortality can.
On through blackened oceans of infinite void roll,
This Earth, slowly ’round the Sun takes its last stroll.
Weary and spent; to the angered Sun, unable to pay toll,
She falls burning forever, into the fatally expanding Sol.
None but nature and her children; the only ones to see,
The father of the sky, in the blink of an eye, burning and boiling the sea.
Where was man no longer here, to witness like ashen weeds,
The falling of earth, that to him gave birth? And the universe that can no longer hold seed?
Long before mother sent her vines to hide walls and towers below,
Man has said, when his heart was dead, “Our greed with us shall grow!”
So his fate was sealed to never see, the ice and snow that fell,
Never being able to wander off, before the Sun had gone to hell.
Such a fall it was that man had when he allowed his pride to swell.
If given the chance, would he change, would he last?
This round, only time will tell.

As the Flowers so are We


Born unto the floral
Delicate, fragile, fleeting.
Beautiful for a moment.
The next, wilting.
When shall they fall to fire?
When shall they be cut,
And cease to be?
Thrown to the stock,
To feed the fates that bind them.
Powerless to resist.
As the flowers so are we,
Unable to alter the forces that damn us.
Is that so evil?
All must die.
In our finite life,
May quality increase,
Rather than quantity.

What Fate Shall Bring


She and I
We never learned to fly,
With angels above in clouds
Riding the winds up high.
There was once an attempt to do so.
Inhospitable she found the cold,
We left the angels to their shroud,
And left for what home below
Remained for us. Such as we
Were destined to be.
Such things are in our nature.
What fate shall bring,
C’est la vie,
Until we meet our maker.

Silence Is Required


Silence is required.
Cease the chatter from your hole,
That reflects heart, that reflects the soul.
Too many words uninspired,

An eyeless face.
Not what is seen but what is heard,
Trust not the eyes and let them burn.
It’s how in the first place.

All patience expired,
Each, their own wisdom assured,
They decline to listen, grow, confer.
Silence is required.

The Fate of Shadows


These two shadows walking side by side,
I look for the figures casting them,  but  nothing do I find.
These lonely beings trapped here by some cruel trick of fate.
Some might say is unfair,  but I’ll quickly debate,
The unknown reason by which these shadows go,
Is most likely beyond our grasp, so we’ll never know.