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A Loss of Sight

I awake with this:
A burden on my eyes;
The weight of tomorrow.
My future sight,
Too young dies.
I cannot see I must borrow.
What I thought I saw was not,
The sight isn’t what I sought,
But the goal of bliss.
There’s no weight,
No burden on these eyes.
A load never meant to carry.
Now to seek only light
And darkness to despise,
My anxiety: another body to bury.

Children of the Pride

In the silence we are one.
Let us go and have some fun.
In her sleeping, mother purring.
Our quiet keeps her from stirring.
In the shadows we are home,
A little place to call our own.
Mothers eyes are open watching,
To the hunt, us, she is calling.
She will show us many things,
Like what the silent night-time brings.
All of this and more we’ll learn:
Where to go straight and where to turn.
She tells us that when we’re older
We, not she, will be the shoulder
For the younger ones to borrow
Who will walk this earth tomorrow.

Empty Eye

Closing eyes, blank look.
The only thing that I see:
Eyeless face. Staring.

Not emotionless,
Rather black holes of feeling.
Nothing so loveless.

A frown, no. Scowl.
A gaping maw, awful things
Ensue once open.

Cannot look away.
The eyes capture forever.
Cold traps of the soul.

Silence Is Required


Silence is required.
Cease the chatter from your hole,
That reflects heart, that reflects the soul.
Too many words uninspired,

An eyeless face.
Not what is seen but what is heard,
Trust not the eyes and let them burn.
It’s how in the first place.

All patience expired,
Each, their own wisdom assured,
They decline to listen, grow, confer.
Silence is required.



I have seen the light your eyes have shown me,
Now dim,  your eyes having long since turned grey.
I was there but you did not try to see.
I should have known. Many questions that they,
Posed. The way you looked at me and you said:
“Do this for me.  Tomorrow I’ll for you.”
Your promises were empty words and dead.
Strange,  the lack of sorrow,  no tears came through.
Leaving.  I wanted to. But you were first.
Odd feeling, false sense of security.
For a moment I thought my heart would burst,
But that was expected, not within me.
Nothing remains of the farce that was home.
Each being left, just a bit less than whole.

Behind The Flowering Lilacs

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She, in her field of flowering lilac,
Staring into piercing eyes through the haze;
Propensity avarice thereat.
His eyes meet naught but her harrowing gaze.
She is the treasure, wealth, his greed burns for.
The priceless, protected, that he cannot
But there in his selfish lusting, long for.
In his twisted mind she will soon be caught,
By praising her beauty to flowers,
Instead of knowing the soul that she is.
She’s behind the lilacs counting hours,
When he’ll return to the home that’s his.
Looking back to the pearl he’d wish to steal,
Never once giving thought to how she feels.

He’s not a stalker. He’s an admirer for the wrong reasons. He will never have her because he sees her as an object and thinks empty flattery is enough to win her over. He is selfish thinking only about what he wants, never considering what she wants. He eventually leaves her alone when he realizes she will never want to be with him.

A Question Of The Dark


Waiting for this feeling to leave.
Waiting for those eyes to leave,
there in that hollow dark,
Hoping that her own deceive.
From what she can see,
It isn’t much.
A voice inside dares her to touch,
To reach out, to clutch,
At something possibly not there.
She wonders, Is there really a thing such
As ghosts To steal her soul?
Then voices inside that aren’t
Her own
Say: “Not ghosts,
Just something in your home.”
A strangled scream escapes her lips.
Is this the night she’ll feel deaths kiss?
Now with all the lights turned on,
She sought to secure some bliss,
From the voices,
From the dark.
From these thoughts she can’t depart!
Here she sees nothing with
All lights on, and one would think
This would take her from the brink
But the lights are off again
And she,
Once more believes,
That she sees something.