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The Explorer


Once upon a time a man,
He, in doing all he can,
Took it upon himself to land ,
On a particular bank of sand.
Once he was there he saw,
A thing not unlike a maw,
And the frightening open jaws,
Of a ferocious, vengeful dog.
From the treetops, a ravens cry,
Though nothing there that he could spy.
He thought it was perhaps a lie,
And he would only believe his eye.
For feigned comfort, to himself did say:
“I’ll see clearly with light of day.
No matter ravens or dogs,I’ll remain brave.
These shadows! This mind! What tricks they play!”
But it was too much this fear.
He began to run but stopped in the clear.
“I can’t run, my goal is near!
If I stop now I’ll be unable to face my mirror!”
He pressed on though the fear did not leave.
There was a corner in his mind to which it cleaved.
He was successful in that he did deceive, When he said: “These fears aren’t real, do not believe.”