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Artificial, ephemeral
Deceiving, misleading, twisting
Faint, deceptive, trap, escape
Experiencing, visualizing, believing
Evanescent, surreal


A day in the trees,
Forgetting troubles below.
Far ahead she can see.
Vision unobstructed so,
One might wonder why,
Why would she ever come down?
Trees against a tempting sky,
Their branches make it impossible to frown.
Every comfort she could need there;
One blissful nap among the leaves.
Those troubles below need her care
In her those troubled believe.
She is not her own,
She is needed elsewhere.
The trees are not her home,
But she will seek them when time will spare.

Winter Escape


Walking from the ice below,
In the winter I don’t know,
Where next I should go.
Bracing for the light of day,
There are those who might say:
“The night is more familiar. Stay.”
Familiar though it is, I,
Don’t wish to stay in this sky.
The years are many that I’ve tried,
To leave this place. Tomorrow is
My final effort and this:
One last flight for freedoms bliss.

Though Just By Looking


I looked at her and saw a soul,
Staring back from within a hole,
So deep and dark and full of despair,
You might think to find no light in there.
But her face hid this all so neatly,
Just for the meeting her one wouldn’t see
Everything that she was hiding
Beneath the surface almost despising.
I saw that her soul looked like mine.
And that she had suffered the same kind,
Of lies about escape and so,
What little I saw let me know.
Though I can never say a word,
Let my prayer to You be heard.
I hope that she has let go of that past,
Though just by looking,
I doubt that its going to last.



One can only hope to find
That one small corner of the mind
To forever sleep in and unwind
From the days that are unkind.
Looking out through these eyes;
The windows of the soul, I find.
I see that place, my long lost home,
But not long lost, it remains my own.
Many hours away have taken toll.
Now I’ve found this dark corners trace,
I wish that I could forget this place.
But I know that is not the case,
So I must remember the reason I smile: her face.