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Days Debt


A forgotten day found
At its end.
A silent and empty sound,
In my head.
This something followed me home.
So far.
What it was, lost in the loam,
Now marred.
Beneath the earth now buried,
I miss how I was carried
Through December.
With winter at its end,
And springs birth,
There is a maddness to which I tend,
Not of this earth.
My follower I’ve discovered,
This shadow.
By the light its been governed
And fallow,
This tired soul waits.
For tomorrow.
Now my sleep baits
Are low.
This is how my fatigue collects debt.
One payment will be missed I fret.

A Sonnet to Burning Earth


The dances of ashes as the flames fall,
Transforming into coal, so red, so warm,
From the corpse of the wood, no smoke at all.
No grey tail in the sky; none left to warn.
From a cradle of life, now darkness, death.
T’was our own hand, set this forest a flame,
Gave no thought to future, what would be best.
Our own hand set it, none other to blame.
“Is there no hope left for the burning earth?”
We wander wailing. How much do we help?
One finger lifted, to green we’d give birth.
What we do wondering about the self.
God’s green earth; we must care for our mother.
The same way, we must love one another.

Darkness Inside


There is darkness in  me
But also there is light.
And the demons in my mind;
The corners from which they stare.
These shadows that clearly see,
In this empty homesick night.
Here the fear, its own kind,
Convinces me they aren’t there.
A shining brightness then escapes,
A hope beyond contagious misery.
“There can be no light without the dark.”, a lie.
One I find the strength to refuse.
This is when the earth shakes,
When one clears his eyes to see.
A time when heaven seldom sighs,
A bit of faith found, I’m able to reuse.

A Path To Sunlight


We were so close to the sun, its glory,
That we had forgotten the earth below.
So gather close, I’ll tell you our story.
When we chose to, ourselves in sunlight clothe,
And we were told by many: “Impossible!”.
A small bit of fear I felt, I’ll admit.
But together we were unstoppable,
To more than “good enough” we did commit.
So high above forgotten earth were we,
They could not understand our seeking light,
They on forgotten earth forgot to see,
The path laid clearly for them in sunlight
If someday I will reach our goal, I don’t know.
Though on our way, this path I hope to show.