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The Tree of Knowledge

Into the night that may swallow whole
What fear we have and render silent the voices that may protest.
On deaf ears our crys fall,
An uncaring void, unwelcoming, and unable to
See how we fall, motionless,
Into the apathy of entropy that holds the universe in check.
What pride, what arrogance would grow rampant
Had not the tree of knowledge bestowed the gift of mortality.


Buried the Evidence


They bury all the evidence,
Secrets of poison, such escaping.
Bury all the evidence.
Rather than blind a thousand eyes,
Bury all the evidence.
Cemetery. A new home.
Once buried is the evidence,
Ears began listening,
Eyes began searching.
They buried all the evidence,
But the space left behind could not be covered.
They bury all the evidence,
But still they run; no rest for the wicked.