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A shower comes to springs end.
A new dawn with which to tend,
Each new day having brought a seed,
Whether it a flower or it a weed.
Though who’s to say which one is?
The beholder’s as shallow as it is,
Every daughter and son: a judge unto themselves.
Every court without a jury; mercilessly and unjustly delves
Into the case of assigning value.
Into the ends that suit themselves.

Prodigal Daughter

A cold morning soon gone,
Another path she won’t belong.
Everything she’s said and done,
Remembered by another one.
It’s too heavy. She can’t carry this alone.
When in truth she isn’t, they wait for her at home.
But the lie that she’s conceived,
Would say none would be pleased.
In truth again: they would forgive.
They just hate to see her gone,
And in darkness live.
Waiting for her every day with open arms,
Hoping she’ll return to them, safe from harm.

Not Her Fault


And the little one she asks you
Why you think that this is your fault,
You cannot answer it’s something that you can’t recall.
A hundred times I’ve told you you’re pointlessly blaming yourself.
And the little one she crys. Don’t think that this is your fault.
Fighting these thoughts from day to day.
You’re watching her play,
And then you pray.
That you’ll turn out better than yours before;
While you left to play,
She stayed away.
Though eveytime you love her,
You become more,
More than she showed you,
The one before.
Everytime you’re her mother, the litte one,
You’re already something yours won’t become.
And the little one is happy, and she loves you.
You love her, and I love you.
We’ll hold you and help you until you say:
“It’s not my fault. I’m not to blame.”