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Greener Grass?


The other side of the fence.
How is the grass there?
How is the air there?
You say it’s the same as here.
You look happy.
I suppose I’ll be content
With what I have,
And where I am.

Treading Water

Day to day
Always the same way.
But good enough is enough.
I’m able to call a bluff,
And we’ll awake,
To sometimes take,
More than what the day has to offer.
Us, a break is not for.
In spite of all this,
We’re still in bliss.
Though it’s too little too late;
To be tempting fate.
We still end up treading water,
Free from greeds’ tempting offer

This poem emphasizes the importance of being satisfied with what you have.  When material gain is all we are living for, we often isolate ourselves from the ones we love, even if it is under the guise of “I’m doing it for my family” in truth it most often is just for ourselves. If we are living for just more wealth, greed will blind us to the true riches we already have in our lives: family, friends, love, and real happiness.  For the poorest man may have all of these and be richer than he who owns the world.