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Of Civilization

A city in the dark
They wish to dapart.
Colossal silhouettes against the black,
A testament to mankinds never going back.
Advancement? Progress? What have we made?
Questions, not answers, fall in cascade.
All this of our products, what they gave,
We ask while more comfortable than sitting in a cave.

This of That Dark Hill (In the Echo of Yesterday)


The light of this new day,
To the horizon shown the way.
Wanting to stay in the shadow
Of yesterday’s final echo.
But moving forward to the bright,
And shining promise, I just might.
Such comfort held by darkness; darkness it is still,
Enervated, grasping for a hold on this dark hill.
No hope for the peak have I.
I’ve seen it and don’t want it. Why try?
Now left in the echo of yesterday,
This of that dark hill is all I’ll say.

Here I Sit

Here I sit and here I’ll stay
Here I’ll stay as long as the day
As long as I’m allowed to say
Cant you see? There’s no other way.
There’s no other way, don’t you see?
And just between you and me
There’s been too much rain lately
“Come inside and dry you’ll be”
Something that the fool has said
Something that’s inside my head?
If it were would I be dead?
Would I rather the comfort of my own bed?
To be inside away from the rain
It would be easier but what to gain?
To give in and play their game
My soul, by this, would not sustain
So here I’ll sit and here I’ll die
And when my years have finally passed by
At the very least my best I’ve tried
And shame I won’t feel when He looks me in the eye.
So as long as I’m allowed to stay
I’ll sit here in my own way
I won’t give in when the others say
Go inside and dry you’ll stay.