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A Rebellion of Waves 

For waves the sea recedes and rocks that mark its bed,
One sees where sand lets go of another ones dread.
In swelling, falling, crashing, rising, each one tells of the others end.
In vain they argue, a discord of water and sand,
Their frigid spectators, the cliffs behind and the vigilant land.
Such steep demands, the sand tolerates no tribute,
Endlessly dancing in rebellion, they inevitably convolute.

One Long Walk


Content in his self-loathing,
He sees no reason to be floating
Away from everything he’s seen and done.
Around the corner he sees spying,
In the mirror himself lying,
“One more time,” He says, “Just one more and then I’m done.”
And down a path that he can’t see,
Saying “At least the cats can’t follow me.
But just in case they do, I’ll grab my gun.”
Seeing one thing and thinking it another,
Thinking it’s a cat when he sees his brother,
He’ll ensure that this following will be the last one.
He then realized once he’s awoken,
All the hearts and lives he’s broken.
A long walk off a tall cliff and his pain is done.
But just before his final step and breath,
He choses life, not death.
He returns to make right all the wrongs. One by one.