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Through a veil, thin and blue
Failing to hide and show true,
Colors of tears of unknown hue.
Darkened mourning sets in motion
More than intended questions spoken.
There is no quick cure, no secret potion.
Though one has a broken heart,
Will they last, from past depart?
Will time heal or tear apart?

A Choice of Paths


“No, I have no desire,
With you to conspire.
I’ve seen the shadows
In which you hide,
I’ve seen the low blows
That decide
Many a fight, unfairly in your favor.
You shameless deciever.”
After his peace he had said,
He went on living, no longer dead.
Saved by the choice of this foolish notion
To be cast aside, a cycle of folly broken.
To reject the conspiring against others,
And start down a path of loving his brothers.

Requiem for a Day too Long


Within the wreckage
So much pain.
Not all lost,
But not much gained.
This failing vessel,
Blind to the sea,
I never know
What’s awaiting me.
All is drained,
The fuel gone.
Now for my broken soul
And it’s sad song.
A requiem for a day too long.

Into The Sky


Here I sit with my broken wings,
Thinking about everything:
How I’ll fix them, how I’ll try,
To get back into the sky.
One mistake it cost me flight,
When I tried to fly at night.
Others had I thought I could,
Though I knew it was not good.
Here I’ll rest and here I’ll die.
For me there is nothing but to cry.
One more thing, I thought you knew
But you didn’t want to.
In denial you remain,
Of the fact I’ll die in pain.
I gave up I fight no more.
I put a lock on the door.
You still knock outside you wait,
You say it is not too late.
I turn back forget the past,
Eternity is where I’ll last.
I must go back fix some things,
Fix my painful broken wing.
Here I sit with my healing wings,
Thinking about everything:
How you’ve fixed them,
How I’ll try, and get back into the sky.