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Lost In October


Sober is and does as sober.
I remember last October,
When turned red the leaves,
And such a fire was shown in trees.
It was a time for autumn and loves lost.
For such things beyond cost.
There was a morning I grew weary,
And not long after then was teary.
That love lost was my mistake.
I could not prevent, her heart did break.
The bottom of that bottle,
Held not the hope I’d wished to coddle.
Now one year later, six months dry,
There are sometimes that I still cry.
Sober is as sober does.
That I’ll remain because,
That lost love did yield some learning,
And that next one I find, yearning,
Or the next one that I lose,
Some foolish bottle, for me won’t choose.

The Empty Bottle


There! That swinging door,
Closing loudly like never before.
Note no wind disturbs this house,
Note none live here, not one mouse.
Even now my old mind deceives.
Attempting to prevent my hearts’ belief:
That I am not within these walls alone.
That in these cold rooms a soul
Drifts in and out of time, my eyes see,
Things where they shouldn’t be.
But I am alone this is my soul,
It’s where it rests inside this hole,
In the dark I am he that soul finds.
But am I alone if to me that soul is tied?
I am alone! I closed that door!
I am the not wind disturbing this floor!
I say this before, I know,
I will unwillingly let go
Of all these memories and forget,
Just how many times I’ve let
My own mind to thinking
I’ve not been alone in this sinking.
Daylight fades and I try,
To find the answer as to why.
And wish that I’d once been coddled,
As soon as I see the empty bottle.