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Where She Belongs


It’s getting harder to leave behind
Everything that’s brought to mind.
She tries to leave this with her fears;
Has she lost them, her best years?
What is left? What now remains?
What she has, what torments to blame?
Lying down and giving up,
She can’t drink from that cup.
With very few to help her carry on,
She strives for that place she’s always belonged.

However, Pressing Towards It


Thankful for what again?
Searching, searching, nothing to gain.
Though for the waiting, nothing’s changed,
And your heart is still the same.
Dry and hard and black and cold.
Age not blameless, but not to blame.
“It’s too late.” we should not say.
Within the darkness there is a tame
Light, a hope that takes away
All the fear inside that blames
You instead of it.
This task; mustn’t remit.
To cast off this fear
Will take more than one night.
However, pressing towards it,
Is how you start off right.

Not Her Fault


And the little one she asks you
Why you think that this is your fault,
You cannot answer it’s something that you can’t recall.
A hundred times I’ve told you you’re pointlessly blaming yourself.
And the little one she crys. Don’t think that this is your fault.
Fighting these thoughts from day to day.
You’re watching her play,
And then you pray.
That you’ll turn out better than yours before;
While you left to play,
She stayed away.
Though eveytime you love her,
You become more,
More than she showed you,
The one before.
Everytime you’re her mother, the litte one,
You’re already something yours won’t become.
And the little one is happy, and she loves you.
You love her, and I love you.
We’ll hold you and help you until you say:
“It’s not my fault. I’m not to blame.”

Of Fears

When your fear follows you home,
And will not leave you alone
You are the only one to blame
You fed it once now it stays
You gave it a name
You called it, it came.
You don’t want it to go
But you can’t live with it so…
Cling to your fear, silent fool.
You’re too cowardly for a duel.
Live with your comfort, your pain.
Now torment is your only gain
And all because you won’t let go
Of your friend that is your foe.