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Of Civilization

A city in the dark
They wish to dapart.
Colossal silhouettes against the black,
A testament to mankinds never going back.
Advancement? Progress? What have we made?
Questions, not answers, fall in cascade.
All this of our products, what they gave,
We ask while more comfortable than sitting in a cave.

Empty Eye

Closing eyes, blank look.
The only thing that I see:
Eyeless face. Staring.

Not emotionless,
Rather black holes of feeling.
Nothing so loveless.

A frown, no. Scowl.
A gaping maw, awful things
Ensue once open.

Cannot look away.
The eyes capture forever.
Cold traps of the soul.



Drinking darkness falling from
A once doom filled cold, black sun.
The moon is there and can’t be seen,
She’s the one caught in between.
‘Ore all we see, silence falls and I,
An observer, beneath a blackened sky.
Gaze upon a sun not there,
But a hole left by a great white flare.