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Wings. Taken to flight,
Vessels find another way.
Quickly travel home.


I hold a once-life
It shall remain here sleeping.
Resting in my hand
It gave its breath keeping,
Its heat to give back,
Its heart nevermore beating.
The wings no longer carry
Its small form into the sky
It simply lays here
While I,
I held a once-life and it remains there dreaming.


A house of dust and feathers flown,
In an unforgiving wind, too long alone.
A murder of crows jealously guard what they cannot have,
A flock of sparrows, to better fields, fly at long last.
Its weathered wood does not look above to the pale blue sky,
Indifferent clouds do not look down as they float by.
If we ask, these walls might tell of tales past long ago.
A voice on the wind then whispers: “We may never know.”

Thanks to my friend Carole D. For permission to use her photo.

They Who Fly


They who fly, the ones who see,
Everything above me.
To fly and flutter; waste away.
Skies of blue, skies of grey.
Although wasting, they are not dying,
And in their sorrow they are not crying.
Birds of the sky birds of a feather,
The same and glad, in any weather.

The Beauty In Truth


Watching the beauty as it unfolds,
More and more, the more I’m old.
The truth’s in there, or so I’m told.
The brightness of a summer day,
How a sparrow on its way,
Flaps its wings and seems to say:
“Over the hill you will find,
Something of a different kind.
The beauty in truth and,
The truth in beauty lends
Such sight to see until the end.