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Earth a grain of sand
On the beach to the ocean,
That is the cosmos.

What the Waves Teach 

Tiny cracks, tiny fractures in the sand.
Tracks: an arrow, pointing to the culprit.
Impermanence of pain felt by this land,
And with the tide comes memories forfeit.
Into the sunset one or two may go,
Leaving behind a stamp on the day fair,
Revisiting this day later to show,
There are none like it, no, none do compare.
This day and that, like beads on strings, endless.
Are they aware how fragile, made of glass
Are beads on the universes necklace?
Each day adds another that will not last.
Our days: numbered; grains of sand on the beach,
Beside times ocean, we must learn what the waves teach.

A Rebellion of Waves 

For waves the sea recedes and rocks that mark its bed,
One sees where sand lets go of another ones dread.
In swelling, falling, crashing, rising, each one tells of the others end.
In vain they argue, a discord of water and sand,
Their frigid spectators, the cliffs behind and the vigilant land.
Such steep demands, the sand tolerates no tribute,
Endlessly dancing in rebellion, they inevitably convolute.

Ten Thousand Times More


One plus one and one before,
Ten thousand times and times and more,
That she had knocked on his door.
To see him: this a priority, fore-
Most on her mind. What for?
She had seen him many times before.
Not the first times her feet have seen this floor.
Her steps echoed ’round that corridor.
Then of the empty room she implored:
“Return to me that which I adored!”
Then weeping left, and sorrow with her bore,
To the beach and on that sandy shore,
She’ll sleep and wait ’til on the morrow once more,
She’ll ask and of the walls implore,
Sympathy, recompense. Who’ll hear? Deaf stone and the shore?
Where among the rocks and sand she’ll walk forevermore.

The inspiration for this one came from Poe’s “The Raven”.  I like to think of it as a role reversal and this is Lenore who has survived.

The Best Of Friends


She caught herself by the tail,
Around in circles, the path did flail.
And sitting in the same warm sand,
As the other,
They lived in different lands.
Never knowing where to go,
She lifts her hand to the other so,
Together they might continue where
Their hearts,
For each other, laid bare.
Then down that beach stretching on,
One foot in front of the other until dawn,
Past the dusk and through the night,
Their path never-ending,
Until lifes’ twilight.

A Sea Of No Placid Dream


As each cold wave on the shoreline crashing,
She solemnly stands waiting for the tide.
The merciless surf, on the beach breaking.
Not admitting, but this is where she wants to hide.
I’ve seen her watch the wave through the seasons,
Their call, she has never given answer.
One cannot know for certain the reason,
But she is no coward. That, I’ll give her.
She’ll find no comfort in death, this is known.
The ocean waves will bring no placid dreams,
She will not hide in this sleep of death so,
Away she walks from the sea and its team-
Ing with despair she wants none of today.
To never return to that beach, she’ll say.

This one is about a woman who, after years of struggling with  thoughts of suicide, ultimately realizing that death is not the answer and proving herself strong and brave after having been to the edge, she is able to walk away and never turn back.