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However, Pressing Towards It


Thankful for what again?
Searching, searching, nothing to gain.
Though for the waiting, nothing’s changed,
And your heart is still the same.
Dry and hard and black and cold.
Age not blameless, but not to blame.
“It’s too late.” we should not say.
Within the darkness there is a tame
Light, a hope that takes away
All the fear inside that blames
You instead of it.
This task; mustn’t remit.
To cast off this fear
Will take more than one night.
However, pressing towards it,
Is how you start off right.

A Twilight Never Dark


As the day is done,
The sunlight doth embrace,
Oh, my beautiful one,
The fairest of this race.
Within your smile bright,
A twilight never dark.
Never a lonely night,
From you I’ll not depart.
Clouds now mark the way,
For the changing of tomorrow,
Such wind and clouds a dark day?
No matter. With you I’ll not sorrow.
Though on the surface grow old
And outwardly you’ll change.
Your beautiful heart never grows cold.
With you I’ll forever remain.

Questions In Winter


Looks down the tunnel for something not there,
The lights there can be deceiving he knows.
He still has no answers other than air.
He leaves the tunnel as the cold wind blows.
Winter now calls him, begging him to stay.
Questions. So many questions fill his head,
And his love of winter must wait today.
He will be, he hopes, to these answers led.
Winter says in one last final offer:
“There is no second spring, with me find rest.”
“I cannot lie down just yet” he tells her.
“I must find this and I must do my best.”
He didn’t find his second spring by dawn.
Success! To his final breath, carried on.