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Cain And Abel (To Find A Name part 2)


“Come with me, ” with open arms he said,
“And out of the cold.
Out here you’ll soon be dead,
You need us
To dance around inside your head.”
There was a laugh as he
Outstretched his hand confidently.
“This is what you want
You’ll see.”
I stepped forward, wanting.
I stepped forward,
Unable to turn away.
Many questions daunting,
But only one could I say:
“What’s my name?”
“What’s your name?” he said, suprised I asked.
“Your name is Cain,
Your name is Abel.
You are the killer,
You are unstable.
You are the victim,
You’re in such pain.
Just ask.
Remember your fame.”
I couldn’t, I shouldn’t, I must.
I turned. I ran.
I didn’t trust.
I’m Cain, I’m Abel?
Why must I know?
I’ll run until I find,
An ending to this fable.