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Yay! 200!

I’ve just reached 200 followers!!!
Thank you to all of you, for all of your encouragement and support!! Have a happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays!!  God bless!  🙂


Good News Everyone!

Relentless Love

It’s been a crazy busy week for us here, and will be even more so moving into the weekend as we prepare for Gus’s 4th Birthday party, but I wanted to take some time to let you know that we have passed the half-way mark on the GoFundMe campaign for my shop!!!!! WOOOOOOOTwoot!!!  I’m getting so nervouscited (!) as this  is becoming more and more a reality!  And I have to tell you that I am so blessed!  I absolutely couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up this morning and saw the amount that has been donated, I was speechless!  I am so grateful for the support you all have been giving me, not just in monetary means either!

In other news, Gus wasn’t quite able to celebrate her birthday (which was yesterday) with quite the jubilation we had hoped.  She came down with a nasty case of seasonal…

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Beneath This Chocolate Symphony


A whisper did recall
Their picture it will fall,
Driving you mad
Eternity staring, sad.
From my shadow watching,
You the door locking,
Me, never above you soon
You, behind the moon.
Summer sun swim here,
My peach death is near.
Beneath this chocolate symphony,
Is where I want to be.

Sleep As This


Such rest there was, and dreams as this,
Are those defined as kinds of bliss.
For those dreams so long absent,
I often doubted my minds ascent.
The sleep that only comes with the onset of dreams,
Was likely one that I’ve seldom deemed,
Anything less than necessary.
My ignorance spoke, I did not see.
I’ve missed this sleep and did not know it.
I’ve missed these dreams and those below it.
Dreams themselves,and that, that they,
Were the ones we’ve wished to save the day.
In and out, and out between,
These dreams of nothing, and those we need,
Are everything we need it seems,
To speak of all, and all we’ve seen.


Chainsawpenguin has reached 100 followers!  Thanks to everyone who made this happen. Your encouragement is appreciated 🙂

I Love My Coffee


My morning coffee steaming in the sunlight,
Beauty unto itself, rousing me from night.
To its lovely amber glistening in the springs sun,
A toast! For the memories of many battles won!
For the hard days and long nights you helped me pass,
Through all the hard work without you I wouldn’t last.
Every morning I wake up to thee.
How could I go on without you, my sweet coffee?

One Friday Night

After just 2 1\2,
I heard a squirrel laugh,
And a penguin cry,
And saw pancakes falling from the sky.
I turned around to hear a rock say:
The pink elephants will be here today,
I looked up to see the elephants surrounded by a pink light,
I thought to myself, holy shit!!
That frickin rock was right!