Raindrops Muffle


Raindrops muffle, I cannot hear.
Through a window sound disappears.
There is something ominous about the way you hold your mouth open.
Shapes and shadows there behind you,
Why just stand there?  Won’t you run too?
Or are you reveling in this dark night to which you’re beholden?
Lightning flashes, I see more clearly
The face behind the glass sincerely,
Malevolently wishes for me to join it in its well of misery.
There is no mouth to hold open,
But a stretched out hole, a token.
What should be eyes, now black holes that somehow enable you to see.
A small bit of fear I feel,
Fear, that would surely cause my mind to reel,
In some small way I feel safer watching you from within my home.
More Lightning flashes the face is no more,
Perhaps a memory from a dream before?
Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder, in a room where I was just recently alone…


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