Monthly Archives: October 2015

A Residence Of Worms


The calling of the crows
Said you were alone,
I’ll take you back to my home,
Hidden under a stone.
Clear skies or rain,
I’m waiting again.
I’m beyond the end of pain,
Where you’re then taken.
Of you, time might forget;
Of this I seldom wonder.
After that, what’d you expect?
When you are placed there under,
The feet of those who come after.
Once you’re laid with those before,
In the silence of the rafters,
In our house of worms and gore.

They Who Fly


They who fly, the ones who see,
Everything above me.
To fly and flutter; waste away.
Skies of blue, skies of grey.
Although wasting, they are not dying,
And in their sorrow they are not crying.
Birds of the sky birds of a feather,
The same and glad, in any weather.

A Careful Toad

Once upon a lonely road,
I saw a stray and small, lost toad.
He croaked away and called to me so,
That I paused my walk to listen close.
He croaked and I understood his words.
He then said nothing too absurd,
But where I was going, he’d come from that way.
“Only danger there you’ll find today!”
He hopped away then, quickly.
I thought him possibly sickly,
And decided for myself to see,
What danger would there awaiting be.
Why didn’t I listen to the toad passing by?
His warning was free, I didn’t even try.
And just as a child, wondering if the fire burns, extends his hand,
I ignored the warning, and set off into that unknown land.

Hope To Carry On


From some fading light it hides,
Stifling all the while a cry.
Within without the sanity so,
It can never truly let go.
Every minute waiting,
Every moment in its path,
Something essential left for wanting,
Though can’t reach up and make it last.
Every day shorter than the one before.
One might be surprised that dying,
Wasn’t already on the floor.
There in its crying it might say,
“This is just another day.”
And will look forward to the next,
Searching for some way in small to be blessed.

Just Cars


Tiny lights on the horizon draw close,
Not trying to avoid them, I drive on.
The distance between us coming to a close,
They begin to fade in approaching dawn.
In mornings first light each one changes form.
The lights, what they were, and now what they are,
Some old and faded, some shiney just born.
No matter where from, what they are, just cars.

Trap Of Lies


Weaving words, this trap of lies,
The hiding truth within denies.
Wondering where and how time flies,
It’s running out for her this time.
She can’t escape, though she runs,
At first she thought it would be fun,
So then she tried another one,
But still she wasn’t done.
Can’t put it down, all alone.
This trap of lies, now her throne.
All because she won’t let go,
Of a weight so easily thrown.

Night And Day


Dawn of day, dawn of light,
Leave for me your exhausted night.
I’ll care for her until said time
Of darkeness’ coexisting rhyme,
The sun and moon,
Midnight and noon.
The spent night to recharge,
With daytime as her barge.
Twilight now her open door.
Night steps forth upon her floor.
Now allowing the day to sleep,
She’l watch from the spent suns keep.