An Angel Fades


At her hand solemnly gazed,
As she slowly began to fade.
Not regretting promises made,
That, on the clouds, were laid.
Hers for many. Her life she gave,
To keep them all out of the grave.
An unknown danger, she did stave,
Not to her, but to those she saved.
On that cloud all the while,
Wishing for naught, but a smile.
On her path, few walk the mile,
And fewer with justice in her style.
Now with only one life to give,
Saddness with one life to live.
But she’s lived more than others did,
Though none will know what she gives.
No one saw her sacrifice today,
She knows none will see her fade.
There will not be anyone to say:
“Thank you” before she goes away.
Solitary from her eye,
Grief within her made her cry,
And before her tears could dry,
She passed into dust, out of the sky.

Note on the artwork: I found this picture while on Tumblr and found it so inspiring I could not but write about it. Should the original artist be reading this, I apologize for not first asking permission for reusing your art, but seeing as this beautiful piece of art is one of my favorite concerning angels, and one of my personal favorite poems I’ve written to date, please don’t make me take it down. 🙂


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