Time Of Fire



Forgotten amidst the clouds of black smoke,
Hidden by the flames of time in that place.
She can’t quite remember the man who spoke.
All she knows, she tries, to remember that face.
She has been told: it is time that heals all.
With all she’s seen, she tends to disagree.
Time doesn’t heal her, it only burns all.
“Worry not,” she says, “we’ll return, we three.”
But who was the second? Who was the third?
How would she know? She’s the last among flames.
Not a reminder, But a prayer unheard,
Now with no one beside her, none to blame.
With no one to remember all she’s done,
She walks on,Β  to tomorrows setting sun.

5 responses to “Time Of Fire

  1. Please explain your pain in this poem. It seems your taunted by a lost love a man of your past. I feel your soul as I read each word. Time does not heal all wounds. They were wrong. Even God feels sorrow. πŸ˜” Check out my page, I’m new to this and have no followers yet.

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    • The thing I love so much about poetry is that one individual poem can mean different things to different people. I wrote this one not from personal experience but from a place of observation, the suffering and pain of others and how they carry on.
      This piece begins as the woman comes to (out of a daze perhaps? The smoke here could be literal or figurative.) and finds herself unable to recall any details. She knows she’s lost something but doesn’t know what. The only thing she’s certain of is that she has nothing left and feels the pain of the unknown, but instead of sitting down, accepting her fate of being lost, she carries on. She continues to the next day, taking life one sunset at a time, and not letting anything keep her down, knowing full well the journey ahead will be far from easy.

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