Monthly Archives: July 2015

A Longing For Dreams


Then, in closing his eyes he seemed to say,
Without drawing in a cold evenings breath,
Another of many, so ends this day.
He watches as the dusk signals its death.
He’s off to dreaming, now he’s off to sleep.
In finding his sleep, he has lost his dream.
With nothing left but to follow his feet,
He goes searching for that last one deep.
The indifferent journey down this path.  Black.
The night being too long to continue,
And needing the rest he so gravely lacks.
Preparing to leave this dreamy venue,
The one regret he’ll have the next day,  this:
One more nights sleep without a dream filled bliss.

Remembering Her


One more ended and he closed the jar,
Another memory on that shelf, afar.
Thinking back throughout the day.
On certain words he chose to say.
The jars, their labels, filled the walls.
Memories stored there, stacked tall.
Trying to recover one, he fails.
Its location long set sail.
The words from that morning spoken,
In his his mind he finds a token,
Something small that he remembers.
Words before like burning embers,
Laying there slowly shirinking,
He’s careful to not give in to blinking.
And when he finally does close his eyes,
He knows the chance has passed him by.
The jars fade from view and he,
Can’t remember what he wants to see.
Then a look at the embers on the floor,
And he’s allowed something he forgot before.
His favorite jar, he finds it in place,
He remembers why he forgot it: her face.
A blessing to remember, a blessing to forget.
One that hasn’t turned into a curse just yet.
While great joy to him her face brings,
From it such suffering and pain then springs.
Back into the jar it goes before long.
This memory kept where it doesn’t belong.
And like so many growing dim on the shelf,
He’ll replace it and forget…
And become less himself.



The end of this day,
I return to rest my feet.
I know not the next.

In The Calm


In the calm before the storm,
Nothing’s lively, Nothing’s warm.
Feeling frightened,
Feeling torn,
In the calm before the storm.

Before the storm, in the calm,
Neglected, distracted. Something wrong.
They’re complacent,
But don’t belong,
Before the storm, in the calm.

In the calm the storm before,
Was something else, something more.
Feeling peaceful, feeling sure,
In the calm the storm before.

In the storm, the calm before.
This was it and nothing more.
Those survived
Said nevermore,
In the storm, the calm before.

And that was how, in the storm,
They forgot how times before,
History cloaked,
Willfully ignored.
That’s how it was, their last storm.