One Heart Shattered


Sitting there alone thinking of her,
He’s told those memories to inter.
But so attached and can’t let go,
There dwelling on the past so,
He can’t move forward past the thought,
Of all the times with her he sought,
One kind look, one word so kind,
But was the fault his own mind?
Was something inside him wrong?
Surely! With her he belonged.
Many had said the fault wasn’t his,
They said he deserved better than this.
Where they right? It didn’t matter.
Her life ended, his heart shattered.
But why? She only brought him pain.
All we know is: he’ll never be the same.

This is one about how we might see the surface of a situation and judge it to be an awful one, but without knowing the heart of the matter we can never truly know,and may very well be in the wrong.


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