End Time


She sat there waiting for the sun to set.
Between the shoreline and mountain, waiting.
Here a memory,  near her heart is kept.
There she guards it to keep it from fading.
It is unknown whom she is waiting for,
And watching to return from the cold sea.
Or perhaps from beyond the mountains ‘ore
He’ ll fly. Her lover, friend, maybe a she?
It matters not. In those eyes pure love burns.
I needn’t see the face nor hear the name,
To know she feels pain in waiting her turn,
Though she loves with love,  and is loved the same.
At the foot of mountains, on the shoreline,
She’ll wait with her love until the end time.


3 responses to “End Time

  1. Reblogged this on written by hands and commented:
    Loving someone who is far away, not knowing where or when they’ll return, just waiting. Sums up my past two years perfectly.


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