Behind The Flowering Lilacs

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She, in her field of flowering lilac,
Staring into piercing eyes through the haze;
Propensity avarice thereat.
His eyes meet naught but her harrowing gaze.
She is the treasure, wealth, his greed burns for.
The priceless, protected, that he cannot
But there in his selfish lusting, long for.
In his twisted mind she will soon be caught,
By praising her beauty to flowers,
Instead of knowing the soul that she is.
She’s behind the lilacs counting hours,
When he’ll return to the home that’s his.
Looking back to the pearl he’d wish to steal,
Never once giving thought to how she feels.

He’s not a stalker. He’s an admirer for the wrong reasons. He will never have her because he sees her as an object and thinks empty flattery is enough to win her over. He is selfish thinking only about what he wants, never considering what she wants. He eventually leaves her alone when he realizes she will never want to be with him.


3 responses to “Behind The Flowering Lilacs

  1. I absolutely love this! So well put, I love that you used a hidden message.

    Liked by 1 person

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