A Beast Of Seasons

Its first of four heads is raised
As it takes off its winter cost.
The song of spring is played,
And through the air that floats,
Awakening its second head.
Its three horns new life brings.
This one falls asleep appearing dead,
The third one, a song of summer sings.
The three summer horns:
The most prominent of which is heat,
followed by the wind and storms,
We wait for its passing, we take a seat.
It’s now laid down. The fourth head, Fall,
And its horns telling the earth to sleep,
Rises up to herald the end of all,
And within our minds keep,
Caution. For the beast of seasons
Is no lover of man.
Who to the earth commits treason.
It will eat him if he can.

This one is about nature and time and how if we’re not careful it will slip away from (eat) us. Nature/time is no respecter of persons. The four heads are the four seasons, each head has three horns, the twelve months of the year.

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