Monthly Archives: February 2015

Forsake Me Sorrow


Forsake me dear sorrow!
You who take and do not borrow.
I wish for your company no longer!
I am (more than before) now stronger
And return to me my joy,
That is no longer your toy.
A final farewell I give thee
And forever with you
I will not be.
Leave me with my peace dear sorrow,
And I will not see you the morrow.

Once and Always


“Without looking , found: the raging sea
All around, looking for me.”
She has tried to escape, yet failed again.
She wants nothing else but peace, but then…
“This is all I know it is all that is in me.
I never look for the fight, the fight finds me.”
This is all she will ever be, This is all that is in her soul.
Every day when she awakes she finds her heart remains cold.
“This is me once and always.”
As long as she thinks so, it shall be. Until the end of days.

Reaching Goal


May this cold evening find me
While I’m working, searching, finding,
A way out from this madness, blindly.
With none other to confine me.
While I’m striving, don’t deny me.
What can’t be done; not caring,
Through this darkened world I’m fairing,
Undiscouraged and/or scaring,
Off from this unequal pairing,
Of body, mind, earth, and air things.
For once without and I’m this soul,
And all my days have taken toll,
An unequal pairing settles, and sends home,
Though in the mean time,
Don’t deny me finding whole,
And different ways of reaching goal.

From Dark To Light


Wandering into the daylight she finds,
Everything in her life that she had missed.
Drawn out of the dark by a voice so kind.
Encouraged to do so by heavens kiss.
She lived so long in the comforting dark,
She’d forgot what it was to live without.
There in the shadows so close to deaths mark,
Would she escape? This she started to doubt.
She was in the light with certainty now,
But also thankful for time in the shade.
If she’d been born in the light, would she know?
All she had learned would have been the price paid.
She thanks heaven for darkness, what she was.
She thanks heaven for light, what she’s become.

A Sonnet To A Sunrise


Vanishing into a dark plume of smoke,
He knows it’s not as simple as it seems.
Watching the ashes slowly fall and coat,
Everything on this cold landscape of dreams.
Vanishing flames disappear and reveal,
All the things he should and has tried to learn,
But too much burnt and the ashes conceal;
It’s just easier to let it all burn.
The things he must hold onto slip away.
Hurts too much to hold, so he lets them fall.
Past pain, both good and bad, he gives to flames,
Wisdom, folly, love, hate, under ash, all.
He’ll forget all he was and what comprised.
This a first: a dead man watches sunrise.

I Won’t Let You Forget


Let this word pass through your sleep and sink into your dream,
Let it sink deep and to the corners of your mind cling.
I would pass through fire and for you endure pain.
I would die to keep you safe,
Though nothing for myself I’d gain,
Except the knowledge of your safely sleeping,
This would let me die in peace.
To know that you’d safely,
Rise at day break to seize it once more,
Leaving nothing behind that you haven’t before.
So sleep so peaceful and free of regret,
Then awake and these words I wont let you forget.

Within, Without


Dark gives way to more dark only,
And when there’s no light to call his own, he,
Returns to his room and says he’s not lonely.
In his empty bed, in an empty room,
Knowing this won’t be leaving so,
This lack of light in this dark tomb.
Sooner or later he know he must call out,
And allow some light from within, without.
How long can he hold off? This, we’ll find out.