A Muse In Solitude


He once sat in silence
Alone with his own thoughts.
He once sat in darkness
To feel what it had brought.
He once sat in rainfall
To remember what it taught.
And then he sat in daylight
To think on all he’s not.
The silence, the rainfall,
The darkness, the daylight.
How he sat in solitude,
How he sat in the bright.
He cursed the silence for not speaking
He cursed the day for not being night.
He cursed the rain for water,
He cursed the dark for not giving light.
So why did he sit and think and curse?
What did he find in his enemies purse?
He had hoped to find the answer
He knew to be true, false.
That all is but vanity, and sorrow
With knowledge there’s no knowing.
The wisdom he was to borrow,
Gave him but this to keep:
There is no life but death,
There is no birth but dust.
There is no treasure here
That will not eventually rust.
We rise from the ashes
Only to return and sleep
So we must find one
Who, from ashes our souls can keep.

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