A Question Of The Dark


Waiting for this feeling to leave.
Waiting for those eyes to leave,
there in that hollow dark,
Hoping that her own deceive.
From what she can see,
It isn’t much.
A voice inside dares her to touch,
To reach out, to clutch,
At something possibly not there.
She wonders, Is there really a thing such
As ghosts To steal her soul?
Then voices inside that aren’t
Her own
Say: “Not ghosts,
Just something in your home.”
A strangled scream escapes her lips.
Is this the night she’ll feel deaths kiss?
Now with all the lights turned on,
She sought to secure some bliss,
From the voices,
From the dark.
From these thoughts she can’t depart!
Here she sees nothing with
All lights on, and one would think
This would take her from the brink
But the lights are off again
And she,
Once more believes,
That she sees something.

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