To Remember


The days I didn’t feel like myself.
The merciful dawn so slowly approaching,
This night so long,
Felt like I didn’t belong.
This momentary lapse,
Of my memory failing,
Allows me to be thankful
Of what I almost forget.
I will get up, I will not quit.
I’m sorry I forgot,
Forgive me sweet love.
Momentarily alone
I forgot my home,
Is with you.
I wasn’t myself it’s true.
But my mind has returned
I find,
Myself in your love.
You help me to stand.
You give me my strength.
You remind me my heart is at home,
With yours.
I’ve no faith in my own mind.
I trust your touch.
You are so faithfully kind.
You bring me back.
The night is long, the dawn,
Shows no mercy.
But I have you.
And no matter how often
I find me not myself,
So forgetful and weak,
You’ll be there to touch
My heart and remind.
To bring back my thoughts. So kindly.
I’ll remember my home.
My love, your love, our love,
Remains forever true.


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