Forever In My Dreams

Slowly I walked through that depressing town.
It was not much more than ruins this place,
Here the children cried and each of them frowned.
Everywhere sorrow could be seen on each face.
Under a pile of rubble there lay,
A skeleton of a flying fortress.
I saw many broken forms there that day.
And God, to many, a quick death did bless.
Then I remembered the field that I left,
wholly horrible, and devoid of life,
None were spared from battle, on rocky cleft
The innocent, the soldier, shared the same strife.
Through that field and town, this soldier then came.
With me in my dreams they’ll ever remain.


2 responses to “Forever In My Dreams

  1. Very good, forgotten battle revisited?


  2. Thanks 🙂
    Yes, this one is about a soldier remembering his last battle.


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