On My Waking Up Today


I found myself at the kitchen table.
I had lost myself before.
I don’t know where I was,
Or what I was looking for.
One moment I was in bed,
Then suddenly… not.
And somewhere in between that
My brains had missed a lot.
The cats had tried to tell me
That something had gone wrong.
I don’t know what that could be,
Because I haven’t been awake that long.
The cactus had tipped over,
There was a teddy bear in the sink,
Where did I get a live penguin?
Dear God give me something to drink!
Just about then I realized,
I wasn’t really up.
I was still in bed dreaming,
And had just now woken up.
But now I’m sitting at my kitchen table
Telling you of these things,
I can’t remember how I got here,
And I’m wondering,
How much of that was really a dream.

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