Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Demon Cat


He fell and there he sat,
And looked around, saw where he was at;
In this cave he saw a bat.
In the roof there was a slat.
Then on his back he did lay flat,
Upon the moss that was his mat.
He knew he should move on, not rest his hat.
Then from the corner there came a cat.
Who offered him its head to pat.
There he became comfortable, and there he grew fat.
And that hellish, deceitful, evil, demon cat,
On his lap ever it sat.
While it reveled in victory, it laughed,
Pleased with itself how it did trap,
The man in its cave, so mossy and flat.
So easy to leave led by light from the slat,
Though easier still to stay and pet the furry cat.

My Golden Kitten


The golden kitten rouses me from sleep.
Uneasily rising from my bed I,
Search for the reason, that from her rest keeps
Her mind from dreaming such dreams. My eye,
Spots her dish there empty, in the next room.
Stumbling forward to the light of day,
Over which an uncertainty now looms.
I turn to the golden cat and I say:
“You small messenger of my tiny joy.”
I think of my sleeping daughter and wife.
“Play with your tiny string, your tiny toy”
Having said this now I reflect on life.
Such simple things as a cat and her string,
Helps me appreciate my own few things.

The Reapers Serende

The reaper plays for her.
He tries to serenade her.
His violin calls to her soul.
Listening, she feels the cold,
Wrap itself around her spine,
It makes her feel dead inside.
But this is only deceit,
Death won’t make her complete.
He’d have her believe,
His violin would relieve;
Eternally comfort her soul.
Truthfully he would catch her,
Forget her,
Then leave her alone.
No comfort in death would she have.
This serenade would tear her soul in half.
His song is not the answer,
She must press on.
He doesn’t believe her,
When she says: “With death I do not belong.”

Photo by Francesco Ciardi

When There Is Nothing Left


When there is nothing left
Here in this world to hold you,
Come running back to me.
There’s always a place here for you.
I will walk by your side,
As long as you need me near you.
I will not leave you now,
I’ll stay for a while longer.
Hear the world turn and say:
“You need to go your own way,
You won’t ever find
More than what I’ve to offer.”
When there is nothing left
Here in this world to hold you,
Come running back to me,
And I will be waiting for you.

This one was written from Jesus’ view, from Him to us. He will never leave nor forsake us, even when we turn our back on him and leave for worldly pleasures, He will be waiting to take us back. When we have nothing left. He is there.

Of Marriage


One and the same, unchanging until death,
This path you’ll walk down side by side that is:
New life together, from God, that is blessed.
An unbroken bond, that’s sealed with a kiss.
Love rejoices in truth and never fails,
And through the flames yours shall be made stronger.
With your hearts embraced, your passion won’t pale.
Anger may stay long, but love endures longer.
You stay by his side with love and respect.
You stay by her side with respect and love.
Then every blessing you now may expect,
From our father God, watching from above.
Place Him first, then each other and you’ll see
Just how long forever can really be.

-Dedicated to Calvin and Tanya K.

I Love My Coffee


My morning coffee steaming in the sunlight,
Beauty unto itself, rousing me from night.
To its lovely amber glistening in the springs sun,
A toast! For the memories of many battles won!
For the hard days and long nights you helped me pass,
Through all the hard work without you I wouldn’t last.
Every morning I wake up to thee.
How could I go on without you, my sweet coffee?

To The Heart I Once Called My Own

Stained Glass

To the heart I once called my own:
Rest well now that you’ve found your home.
You are no longer mine to give,
Now that with her you’ll forever live.
Her heart sleeps in the hole you once filled,
Any sense of selfishness has now been killed
As I live not for myself but the heart within me,
And closer to her is all I wish to be.
Just as the heart I hold is not my own,
My heart with her has found its home.
While I describe her beauty in a word: “effortless”,
I wait patiently for the next time that she will leave me breathless.

This one is to/about/for/inspired by my wife. 🙂 I wrote this one while we were still dating. I knew even before we got married that she was the one and would hold my heart forever. One of the things I believe marriage to be is a trading of hearts, you give your heart to your significant other and become one. An underlying theme here is faithfulness. I can’t give my heart to anyone else as it’s not mine to give anymore.