To The Heart I Once Called My Own

Stained Glass

To the heart I once called my own:
Rest well now that you’ve found your home.
You are no longer mine to give,
Now that with her you’ll forever live.
Her heart sleeps in the hole you once filled,
Any sense of selfishness has now been killed
As I live not for myself but the heart within me,
And closer to her is all I wish to be.
Just as the heart I hold is not my own,
My heart with her has found its home.
While I describe her beauty in a word: “effortless”,
I wait patiently for the next time that she will leave me breathless.

This one is to/about/for/inspired by my wife. 🙂 I wrote this one while we were still dating. I knew even before we got married that she was the one and would hold my heart forever. One of the things I believe marriage to be is a trading of hearts, you give your heart to your significant other and become one. An underlying theme here is faithfulness. I can’t give my heart to anyone else as it’s not mine to give anymore.


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