Insane Moonlight

The night is still
And I grow weary.
Away from me my sleep steals near me.
No breeze blows.
And no heart knows,
What tiring dreams my mind now holds.
No midnight raven calls,
No shadow from him falls,
No silence does he kill, from beneath these moonlit stalls.
My wonder now grows fiercer.
My curiosity, maddening, cries:
β€œWhat lies,
There in the nothing of this dark and moonlit night!?
Oh my mind if it could pierce her:
This dark and dreary night!
Oh my soul if it could lie,
Within this dark and comfort find.
She will not speak to me her secrets!
She will not tell me soothing lies!
Even her words I would welcome,
In her soul I would confide.
Any words she chose to give me,
Though I know them to be lies!
I hear nothing though I scream,
Is there no one to hear my cries?
Is there nothing beyond this moonlit stream?
Is anything there aside from darkness to see?
She: the moonlight o’er me,
A cruel mistress, an evil Queen,
Before, many have fallen I’m sure.”
And in this night, never ending
I see the memories I adore.
Sanity such burden to carry,
I lay them both on the floor.
Nothing but madness now remains
Nothing within my heart contained,
And nothing sleeping in my brain,
Besides this mad, mad, maddening game.


2 responses to “Insane Moonlight

  1. Whoaw!!! O.o
    Good stuff πŸ˜‰


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