It Rained Again


It rained again, again it rained.
Taking with it. Nothing gained.
My dreams now gone,
What part will I play;
In the future, will I belong?
I know not. Come what may.
What I thought were my dreams,
What I thought were my hopes,
What I thought was wicked rain,
Turned out to be good again,
And things I thought to be bad,
I wait, I wait, again I wait.
For cleansing rain to my soul take,
And wash away the evil bait,
And what I thought was good escape,
But no longer I’ll run from rain.
I’ll stay put. I’ll embrace the change.

Another one about welcoming change. Being content with where you are in life isn’t a bad thing usually, but when it keeps you from trying new things or even changing your routine then I would think twice. I used to be afraid of change. hate it. abhor it. I still do to a point, something I’ve been trying to get over. I love consistency and there is nothing wrong with that. Although, it is something I am learning to love less.

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