Out Of Dark


Escaping from overwhelming darkness,
He is rising from the well of defeat.
To the shadows he has ceased to hearken,
With friendly aid he’s left this evil seat.
Not by wisdom entirely his own,
Brothers and sisters have all played their part.
Never will he, traveling alone,
Be very far away from all their hearts.
Then upward into the dazzling lights
He soars, behind him: dusty shadows fall.
And opening his eyes to this so bright:
Peaceful hope, to this so joyously he calls.
Close to despair again he’ll not be found,
Now that he’s heard the heartbeat of hope sound.

The picture for this one was done by my brother Jesse, I’ve used a few of his pictures and artwork as inspiration. The poem itself, as well as the picture, I think of being about my brother overcoming. It’s about letting family help you in your darkest times, they will always be there when you need them.

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