Safe At Home


They thought that they were safe
At home.
They thought that they were all
The thing they thought was safety,
Really it turned out to be,
Nothing more than a lie,
Wrapped in a false sense of security.
She said to me: “This is all
I know.”
I said to her: “I’ve something
To show.”
What I showed her was a route,
That was more than a way out,
But a life, a fresh start, a freedom,
No more lies from within, without.
Complacency we can now
See past.
Within these walls, alone, we
Wouldn’t last.
Stepping outside our comfort zone,
We discovered our true home,
Mediocrity no longer our tomb,
Change itself, had saved our soul.

   This one was written in light of a new direction our life is going thanks to my wife and I learning to step outside our comfort zone, and trying new things. Not being afraid of change is so essential when one is pursuing ones dream.

3 responses to “Safe At Home

  1. I sense adventure to be your home… 🙂 well written.


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