An Unnamed Love

I’ve tried so hard
I’ve tried to let go
I’ve come this far
I’ve got to let her know
I hope she finds
There she doesn’t belong
Could fate be so kind?
I’ve hurt for so long.
To see her in pain,
I would take it away.
Seeing him with no shame,
his selfishness is to blame.
I’ll tell her I love her!
I’ll tell her! I will!
I’ll tell her I’ll protect her.
I’ll tell her, but still…
It wouldn’t be enough.
Too little. Too late.
And to the woman I once loved
I’m so sorry for the wait.
I was too slow
I wasn’t that brave
I listen to the wind blow
Over your cold, silent grave.
He didn’t deserve you,
For what he did he should die.
But it wouldn’t bring you back,
This: an eye for an eye.
I’ll remember how you loved,
I’ll remember how you laughed
I’ll remember each one of
Your beautiful smiles past.
I’ll remember you were sent
Beyond heavens gate.
And to see you again,
Will be well worth the wait.


One response to “An Unnamed Love

  1. Bookmarked your amazing web site. Fabulous work, unique way with words!


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