The Choice

Here I dream, as on nights before
After I pass my bedroom door,
Thinking of nothing I haven’t before
Entering this dream carefree,
Careless for; what danger could there be?
Surely here, there is no snare awaiting me.
I find myself sadly mistaken,
I find myself sadly, forsaken.
My once happy dreams some evil has taken.
Now I only wish to awake,
I realize this is no mistake.
I wonder if I can escape.
I, now part of this demons dreaming,
Wander about with no hope gleaming
To lead me into a place of healing.
All my sins, to mind, are brought.
Every lonely feeling caught,
In this place joy and peace are not.
Here I am told what I must sacrifice,
And what will suffice,
And what I must do to lead a righteous life.
This I know, is not the dreaming of a demon,
Nor the evil thoughts of some legion,
Neither the product of some drug I’ve eaten.
This is the prayer of a most holy spirit
I know I must obey, but this command, I fear it
And this spirit so holy, I’m not worthy to be near it.
I must give up all I know to obey.
With my time I must no longer play,
Once I wake up I will face the day.
I will no longer run, I will stand.
I have drawn a line in the sand.
I have awoken, I have become a man
Now only tomorrow will know,
What I will do, where I will go,
If I’ll rise up, if I’ll sink low.
No matter what will come, this I know:
He will be with me wherever I go.


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