The Empty Shoes


The little one has left to play,
In the twilight, at the end of this day.
To the calls of his mother he’ll return,
And then he’ll remember all he’s learned.
Now comes the night where he’ll dream of nothing else;
Than to play in his field, undisturbed.
What else?
By the door he has left two pairs of empty shoes.
Tomorrow his mother will help him decide
Which one to choose.

This is one is about our mothers raising us up to be good people. to make the best choices. When we are young we tend to not dwell on the future a lot, but our mothers and/or fathers are doing their best to prepare us for our adult lives. A fact most of us can’t see until we move out and see what life is like on our own. It’s funny because now I look back on all those times my mother said: “You’ll thank me for this when you’re older.” and I’m actually grateful.

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