And I Don’t Know Why


I love her and she loves me,
She loves me and I don’t know why.
Forever beside me I wish her to be.
When I’m beside her I can touch the sky.
I’m just me; there is nothing special to see,
But she’s so beautiful I could just cry.
She isn’t perfect, but she’s perfect for me;
Just to keep her safe in a moment I’d die.
I’ve never thought that something special I’d be.
With her I am, though without, I cant fly.
I could never deserve the love she has for me.
And yet she loves me, and I don’t know why.

Another about and inspired by my wife Melissa. In fact most of the poems I’ve written that have to do with love are about her.
“She isn’t perfect, but she’s perfect for me.” This line but summarizes my feelings for her. We all have our faults we’re only human and we all make mistakes, but  she is such a perfect fit for me. She understands where I’ve been, she supports me in all I do, she is the best mother a child could hope for and the best wife any man could hope to find, and I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. She makes me whole, happy and we complete each other. The title: And I Don’t Know Why, I used to ask myself this a lot because I saw her as being someone who deserved so much better than me, but now all I can be is happy that she agreed to marry me.

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